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Magazine design for a luxury fashion network event


We created a magazine design for The British School of Fashion to be given to people attending their biannual fashion insights event at the ME Hotel on The Strand in London. Luxury Update is a network event for professionals working in the luxury fashion sector, set up by Tim Jackson, director of the British School of Fashion. The magazine is a digest of insights into the luxury fashion industry. The cover changes for each issue; we select different paper stocks and alternate the production of the cover with various printing techniques, such as foil blocking, so that each issue has a different look.

  • luxury-fashion-magazine-journal-editorial-typography-design-milton-keynes-london3
  • luxury-fashion-magazine-journal-editorial-typography-design-milton-keynes-london4
  • luxury-fashion-magazine-journal-editorial-typography-design-milton-keynes-london2
  • luxury-fashion-magazine-journal-editorial-typography-design-milton-keynes-london5
  • luxury-fashion-magazine-journal-editorial-typography-design-milton-keynes-london
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