Injecting fun and colour

Brand identity design for a summer footwear brand


Coloko is a summer footwear retail brand. They required a brand identity to fit with the fun nature of their product and the quirky brand name. We took a strong typographic and colourful approach. The identity is applied across all brand materials from stationery to packaging. For the design of the wordmark we took a standard typeface and reworked it so that the ‘Os’ were equidistant. This allows for more flexible and creative uses. It can be stacked up or become a repeat pattern with all the ‘Os’ interlocking. We created a vibrant colour palette and the wordmark can work in any combination of the colours.

  • fashion-brand-identity-logo-packaging-pattern-typography-milton-keynes-london-9
  • fashion-brand-identity-logo-packaging-pattern-typography-milton-keynes-london-15
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  • fashion-brand-identity-logo-packaging-pattern-typography-milton-keynes-london-1
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  • fashion-brand-identity-logo-packaging-pattern-typography-milton-keynes-london-13
Project details
  • Booklet design
  • Leaflet design
  • Logo design
  • Packaging
  • Typography
  • Visual language
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