Commentary, Work — March 15th, 2019

By Claire Berry

Sustainable and ethical fashion is a huge issue in today’s world and many fashion brands are taking important steps to give people more choice. However, it’s still a challenge for consumers to find vegan shoes, especially among the top brands on the high street. There needs to be more clarity. Many retailers stock leather-free alternatives, but this doesn’t mean they are animal-free. Many of these products still use animal bi-products in the form of glues for binding soles and other parts of the product. Ruby Shoo is one fashion brand that is taking a lead in making it easier for shoppers to buy vegan products.

We’ve designed a mark for Ruby Shoo’s vegan shoe range. The roundel mark will be used around the store and across all marketing of their vegan product ranges to help customers to easily spot sustainable products. The mark design is based on a line drawing of the back of a heeled shoe.